15+ New Mahakal Mahadev Status Quotes For FB, Jai Mahakaal 2020 - 50+ Motivational Quotes

Friday, 10 January 2020

15+ New Mahakal Mahadev Status Quotes For FB, Jai Mahakaal 2020

15+ New Mahakal Mahadev Status Quotes For FB, Jai Mahakaal 2020

1. The greatest is your court, you are the follower of all Punish or forgive Mahadev, you are our government.

2. Seth people wear diamond pearls and jewelry. We are devotees of the naive, that's why we wear "Rudraksha".

3. Noor is found by the light of Shiva, Everyone's heart gets rich Whoever goes to the gates of naive,
Something must be found, ''Jai Mahakaal''.

4. Shiva is true, Shiva is infinite, Shiva is eternal, Shiva is Bhagwant, Shiva is Omkar, Shiva is Brahma, Shiva is Shakti, Shiva is devotion, ''Jai Mahakaal''.

5. Shiva's shadow over you, Reverse what your destiny is; You got them all in your life,
Which nobody ever found. ''Jai Mahakaal''.

6. There was great intoxication in the winds, It looks like Mahakaal festival is coming.

7. Do not ask me my identity I am a devour I am a priest of that Mahakal whose makeup is done with Bhasma ''Jai Mahakaal''.

8. Neem tree is no less than sandalwood Ujjain city is nothing less than ''Jannat'' Where it is raining my Mahakala's love, That court is no less than heaven.

9. Kripa whose attitude towards me is also his boon. His name is "Mahakal" who taught him to live gracefully. "Jai Mahakal".

10. In the court of Mahadev, the world changes with mercy, The line changes whoever takes heart, Mahadev's name In an instant, his destiny changes. '' Jai Mahakaal''.

11. I have done all the work by taking your name Mahadev And people believe that the person is lucky And it's true ''Jai Mahakaal''.

12. Sir, sit in the Mahafil of Mahakal. The style of the king will come automatically ''Jai Mahakaal''.

13. Will do the shock on Kaal too, The man on whom Mahakala has his hand,
''Jai Mahakaal''.

14. My Mahakala says do not think that your dream will be fulfilled or not…because I also help those whose actions are good, ''Jai Mahakaal''.

15. May the power of Shiva, devotion to Shiva, happiness go out, on the auspicious occasion of Shivaratri, you get a new start to life, ''Jai Mahakaal''.

16. How can I say that my prayers have been neutralized Whenever I cried, my Bholenath was informed '' Jai Mahakaal''. 

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